‘Angles Of The Sky’ Four Butterflies
‘Angles Of The Sky’ Four Butterflies
‘Angles Of The Sky’ Four Butterflies
‘Angles Of The Sky’ Four Butterflies

‘Angles Of The Sky’ Four Butterflies

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Angels of the sky’. These two hand painted watercolour butterflies are stunning either on their own, or paired back with any one of our other designs. Either fluttering amongst our ‘daisy like a sunflower morning’ wildflower decals, or layered over the top of one of our floral murals. Designed with the option of pairing in mind, they feature a stunning neutral colour palette of brown, golden & rust hues.
This is a set of 4, you can even purchase a larger quantity, for an ‘all butterfly’ affect, just get in touch with us & we can arrange a price depending on the amount you are wanting.

A perfect piece of ‘mini art’ from Stuck On Ivy & a really affordable option if you have been wanting to get your hands on one of our custom creations. These guys measure approx 350mm x 250mm each.

Our Decals are printed on quality, non-toxic polyester fabric with an easy adhesive ‘peel & stick’ application, making installation simple & forgiving. If you make a mistake, or there are any trapped bubbles after applying simply peel back & re stick. We do recommend this installation is best tackled with 2 sets of hands to make life easier. 

DO NOT apply our products to any surface with bubbling or peeling paint. This may cause further peeling & damage to the wall.

Ensure that your wall surface is clean from any dust or dirt, then thoroughly dry before installing our products.

We ideally recommend 1-2 weeks for newly painted walls to de-gas before installing.


We do not recommend applying our products to any form of textured walls. This includes but is not limited to concrete, brick & rendered walls & may include certain types of paint finishes – i.e. eggshell or teflon.

If you have a rendered wall, please get in touch with us. We have another option that may work for you & are happy to send you out a sample to ensure this will work on your surface before you purchase.

In the unlikely event (so long as applied to a smooth, flat wall surface) that our product does not adhere correctly to your wall, we are not liable.

If in doubt, simple get in touch with us before purchasing!

Wall decals will be shipped within 3 weeks from the time of placing your order.

All art works are created by us and protected by copyright.