FAQ's & Need to Know

When will I receive my order?

Our standard delivery times are 2-5 working days within Australia and we can advise for the rest of the world. If your order is delayed please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

My order is delayed, what to do?

Please get in touch with us if your order has not been delivered within our standard delivery times you can email us at stuckonivy@gmail.com


So things to know and how to install my wall decals?

Our decals are for indoor use on clean smooth surfaces only, they will work on a light texture but may lift slightly on the edges.
Please note that the decals (or anything else for that matter) will not stick to the new paints containing teflon or the stain and dirt resistant paint as it contains silicone....seriously, nothing will stick to it, we have tried.


Ensure the intended painted surfaces have been undercoated and two top cotes of normal paint, has applied.

If you have just finished painting, allow the walls at least two weeks to air ( de gas ) before decal application.

Now for the fun part – get your wall ready and stick them on!

Clean with paper towel and water only. Do not use any chemical based solutions.

Dry the wall thoroughly with paper towel and allow wall to completely dry. Leave for 24 hours before applying the decals.

Do not remove the backing until you have worked out the placement of decals on wall. HOT TIP: Use blutac to figure out the placement on wall with the backing on first. Don’t worry, you can remove them and reapply if you need too!

Starting at top of decal, peel about 10cm of the backing away without touching the adhesive side. Stick this first 10cm to the wall then remove the rest slowly, slow and steady wins the race.

Use a smooth object and smooth out the sticker as you peel the backing to ensure no air gets under the decal. If air gets stuck under the decal it must be smoothed out to prevent peeling.

Be sure to keep the backing so that if you remove them, you can protect them to be able to use again.